ANSI Z136.1

American National Standard for Safe Use of Laser was revised in 2014

The main changes are presented below:

  1. A new section was added: 8.3 – medical or research-related exposures (larger pupil by using drugs and/or head and eye immobilized);
  2. Significant increases of MPE between 1200 to 1400 nm;
  3. Light decreases of MPE for pulses shorter than 10 μs and for pulses longer than 150 ps;
  4. Decrease of MPE for pulses shorter than 150 ps;
  5. αmax (the parameter used to calculate MPE for extended sources) now depends on exposure duration;
  6. Multiple pulses MPE calculation has changed significantly:
    1.  Small (point) sources – most of the cases – use only 2 rules;
  1. The use of 3 rules for repetitive pulses is required only for extended sources;
  2. Section 4 (control measures), 7 (non-beam hazards) and Appendix B (examples calculations) were reorganized and rewritten;
  3. Expanded tables (especially table 5) for clarity;
  4. Includes optical transmission in hazard classification;
  5. Units changed to nm ( from 180 nm to 2,999 nm) left μm from 3 to 1000 μm.