“My JHSC” is a tool available to all Joint Health & Safety Committee Members. This tool is a web based platform that allows committee members to view their committee minutes, inspection reports, and individual training history.

My JHSC – Member Login

‘My JHSC’ Module – FAQ’S

1.  What is the ‘My JHSC’ Module?
‘My JHSC’ is an online tool launched in 2012 and available to all Joint Health & Safety Committee Members. This tool uses a web-based platform that allows committee members to view their committee minutes, inspection reports, and individual training history.

2.  How can I get access to the ‘My JHSC’ Module?
You can login with your UTORid to the ‘My JHSC’ Module at: https://elmer.ehs.utoronto.ca/jhsc

3.  How come I can’t login to the ‘My JHSC’ Module?
First be sure that you are using a U of T computer. ‘My JHSC’ can only be accessed from U of T computers. If you are still unable to access the ‘My JHSC’ Module it may be because you have not been registered with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and/or you have not been added to your committee list.

Please follow these instructions to register with EHS:

  • Step 1: Go to the EHS Registration Page (My EHS Training).
  • Step 2: Input your personal information (i.e. personnel number, email etc.) If the system asks for your “Supervisor” and you cannot find the name, search by “Show All” and select “Name Not Found”.
  • Step 3: Exit the system. (You may be prompted to register for a course, but you can simply exit the system at this point.)
  • Step 4: Contact your JHSC Co-Chair or Delegate member so that they may add you to the ‘My JHSC’ Module. Once they have added you to the ‘My JHSC’ committee list, you will be able to start using the module.

If you have already previously registered with EHS (e.g. you have taken EHS training courses before), please contact your Co-Chair or Delegate member to add you to your committee list on the ‘My JHSC’ module.

4.  How can I update my training history on the ‘My JHSC’ Module?
Only EHS team members can update your training history. Please contact your EHS Consultant or email ehs.office@utoronto.ca and have your training information ready with your Certification Number.For Part 1 JHSC Certification Training, JHSC members should use the EHS office address (215 Huron St. 7th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5A 1A2). This ensures that EHS receives the Certification letter from the Ministry of Labour so that are office may update the member’s Certification Status. An electronic copy of the letter will also be posted in the JHSC Module for the member to download and print.

5.  Is my training history viewable to all other committee members?
No, only you are able to view your training history and associated member documents. Other committee members do not have access to view your individual training records.

6.  I am having difficulty trying to update the committee list and upload minutes and reports?
Only JHSC Co-Chairs and Delegate members can upload and update committee information and documents. If you see inaccurate information please contact your Co-Chair or Delegate to update the information. If you are a Co-Chair or Delegate and are having problems uploading information please contact your EHS consultant or ehs.office@uotoronto.ca

7.  What is a Delegate and how do I get Delegate access?
A Delegate is a committee member who has been given delegate access by a Co-chair so that they may be able to update the committee list, and upload minutes and inspection reports. If you require delegate access please contact your EHS consultant or email ehs.office@utoronto.ca. First, please be sure that you already have access to the ‘My JHSC’ Module (If you don’t please see Question #2 & #3). Once you have confirmed your access please provide us with the name of your committee, the name of the Co-Chair you will be representing, and please cc your Co-chair in the email.

8.  I am a Co-Chair or Delegate trying to update my committee list but I cannot find some members?
If you cannot locate members on the ‘My JHSC’ committee list it is likely because those members have not “registered” with Environmental Health & Safety. Please send them the registration instructions (Question #3).

9.  Is there a tutorial or training available on the ‘My JHSC’ Module?
The ‘My JHSC’ Module has received positive feedback and is known to be quite user-friendly. We recommend you login and try out the system at least once to see how it works. There is an online slide presentation explaining how the ‘My JHSC’ Module works – please visit: My JHSC Module Presentation (PDF). If you would still like further training please contact your EHS consultant who can make an appointment with you to demo the module and set up a training session.

10.  What is the difference between ‘My JHSC’ and ‘All JHSC’?
‘My JHSC’ is a web-based tool specifically designed for JHSC members, which requires your UTORid and password for access. The ‘All JHSC’ is a directory of the members on each committee so that the University of Toronto community can locate their representative committee member.

11.  Why can’t I access other committee information in the JHSC module?

The JHSC module is designed so that you are able to view and retrieve documents specific to your committee. If you have any questions regarding other committees, please contact your EHS consultant for further assistance.