WHMIS Training – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access the online WHMIS course?

For faculty, staff and students with UTORid’s, there is online WHMIS training.  See below for instructions for individuals who do not have UTORids.

2. Will a certificate be issued to trainees who take the online WHMIS course?

No, but you may print out your quiz score from Quercus as proof of training. To view your quiz score, log onto Quercus with your UTORid, select WHMIS course and under ‘Grades’.

3. What is the passing mark for the WHMIS quiz?

The pass mark is 80%.

4. I took the WHMIS Quiz but did not achieve the 80% pass mark. May I retake the quiz?

Yes. You have up to 3 attempts.

5. I have completed WHMIS training previously at another university. Do I still need to take the University of Toronto WHMIS course?

Yes. We do not exchange training information with other universities.

6. I do not work or study at the University of Toronto. May I take the online WHMIS course?

Our WHMIS courses are offered to the University of Toronto community only. This includes staff, faculty, students (including summer students) and volunteers. However, you may wish to take a free health and safety course online with The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

7. I am a volunteer in a laboratory at the University of Toronto. I don’t have a UTORid. May I take the online WHMIS course?

For volunteers without a UTORid please contact your supervisor or Business Officer to receive a temporary UTORid.

8. When I try to access on the online WHMIS quiz, I get the following error message: Access Denied

Either you are not logged in or you do not have the appropriate privileges to perform this action. Please ensure that you have correctly followed the WHMIS instructions. You need to be logged in to Quercus in order to take the quiz. If you receive this message while you are logged in, please log out and try to log in again.

9. I completed the University of Toronto’s WHMIS training last year. This year, my supervisor has asked me to sign up for WHMIS training again. Do I need to re-take the course?

No. WHMIS training should be taken every three years.