Decommissioning a Radioisotope Laboratory

A permit holder who wishes to delete a laboratory from the permit, must ensure that:

– all signs and labels have been removed from the laboratory

– the laboratory rules have been removed

– all waste containers have been removed

– all radioactive substances have been removed

– the radiation field is measured with a survey instrument and compared to the background radiation

– if the radiation field is above background, the source of the radiation must be determined and removed or cleaned until the radiation field is equal to the background radiation level

– swipe samples are taken with filter paper covering a minimum of 100 cm2 in various locations

– swipe samples are counted by a Liquid Scintillation Counter with the energy windows wide open

– if any samples indicate an activity greater than 0.5 Bq/cm2, the area must be decontaminated/cleaned

– submit a written notice to the Radiation Protection Service (RPS, fax 416-971-1361, e-mail or ).

· In the absence of the PH (retired/left the University), the Department is responsible for all of the above

· After receiving notice from the Permit Holder/Department a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) will visit the laboratory. The RPO will audit all of the above and complete the “Laboratory Decommissioning Report”

· The RPO will submit a report to the Mgr, RPS who will approve the Permit revision and/or archive the Permit.

· The Radiation Protection Service Secretary will produce a revised permit if applicable

· All of the related paperwork will be filed and stored for three years by the RPS.