Radiation Protection Training Manual

Reviewed: Apr 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Structure of Matter
  2. Radioactivity and Radiation
  3. Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  4. Radiation Dosimetry
  5. Biological Effects of Radiation
  6. Radiation Detection and Measurements
  7. Radiation Safety
  8. Regulatory Requirements
  9. U of T Policies, Standards and Procedures for Radiation Safety
  10. Radiation Safety for X-Ray Units
  11. U of T Emergency Procedures
  12. Glossary
  13. Radiation Protection Review Course

Other Informative Links:

*Note that clicking on any of these elements in the Periodic Table will take you directly to information for all isotopes of that element. For Phosphorus and Iodine, the link will take you to the lowest mass number isotope (e.g., clicking on Iodine will link first to I-125, then just scroll down to find information on I-131).