Welcome to the EHS Blog!

April 24, 2016

Welcome to our newly re-designed website and new EHS blog! This blog will be a place for us to update faculty, staff, and students at the University of Toronto on issues pertaining to environmental health and safety and how they relate to the University environment. It will be a place for us to tell you more about who we are, what we do, and how we are here to help. The EHS blog will include topics such as:

  • new EHS initiatives
  • safety training
  • new safety regulations
  • EHS events
  • tips and advice
  • lessons learned and more.

At EHS our mission is to  ensure that an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy work, research and study environment exists at the University of Toronto.

We do this by being proactive in identifying risks and emerging issues and by developing and implementing innovative, practical and sustainable processes to manage them, including training and awareness, teaching, provision of expert advice, emergency response and assurance.

Through working with all members of the University community we establish and maintain health and safety systems that are widely acknowledged to be of excellent quality and that, while not limiting or impeding academic freedom and freedom of research, maintain a high level of safety.

Ensuring a healthy and safe environment at the University of Toronto is a collaborative community effort. All University members are encouraged to participate in fostering a culture of health and safety and we welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions. If you have any health and safety topics you would like to see in the EHS Blog or if you have personally been part of a health and safety initiative in your own U of T workplace that you would like to share please let us know.  Be sure to read through our website and follow the EHS Blog for more updates and information.

Safety First,

EHS Team