Occupational Health

The focus of Occupational Health Services is to prevent injury and illness throh_ff7f00ough medical surveillance programs. Medical Surveillance is the process of evaluating the health of workers as it relates to their potential exposure in the workplace or lab to biohazardous agents, monitor the results of an exposure, and arranging for and monitoring post-exposure prophylaxis. All medical information is kept in strict confidence.

Occupational Health Services Does NOT provide primary care, but only occupation-related consulting services; such as how your work might affect your medical condition, or vice-versa. If you require medical care, please visit a health care provider.

Programs include:Lab Worker Testing in Lab

  • Pre-placement Assessment Program
  • Occupational Infection and Communicable Disease Prevention Program
  • Animal Care Medical Surveillance Program
  • TB Screening Program
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program
  • Laser Medical Surveillance Program
  • CL3 Medical Surveillance Program
  • Biosafety Medical Surveillance Program
  • Zoonotic Hazards Evaluation
  • Vaccination as indicated
  • MPTP Surveillance Program
  • Evaluation for immunocompetencies
  • Consult Health & Well-Being re: accommodation requests


Contact Occupational Health via e-mail at ehs.occhealth@utoronto.ca or view the EHS Staff Directory.