Training Matrix: Laboratory Personnel


Complete this Training Requirement (Hover over for course codes and see Key below)
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Biosafety will work in a CL1 / CL2 Lab?
will work with human
materials (e.g. blood,
specimens, tissue, cells)?
will work with viral vectors (e.g. retrovirus, lentivirus, biological agents?
will ship/receive/import biological agents?
Chemical & Laboratory Safety will work with/near
will use a respirator in the lab?
will work with hydrogen fluoride?
will work with mercury?
will work with molten materials?
will ship chemicals?
Radiation Safety will work with open and sealed sources?
will work with sealed sources only?
will work with irradiators *training inlcudes 30 mins of hands-on
will receive/ship materials?
will receive rad materials?
will work with x-ray
will work with open beam class 3B and class 4 lasers?
Human & Animal Research Safety Will work with humans or handle live animals/carcasses/tissue or will have access to a vivarium? Contact your Local Animal Care Committees (LACCs)
Research Abroad Will conduct research work in a lab setting outside of Canada (Contact Safety Abroad Office ( & EHS
Other Have supervisory responsibilities over other UofT employees and students and/or their work.
Key Requirements Valid For Delivery Key Requirements Valid For Delivery
1 EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awareness *employees only (including TA’s and post-docs) No Expiry online 13 EHS701 Radiation Safety 3yrs in-class
2 EHS101 WHMIS and Lab Safety / EHS112 WHMIS Refresher No Expiry/3yrs online 14 EHS705 Radiation Safety Refresher 3yrs online
3 EHS601 Biosafety No Expiry online 15 EHS710 Sealed Sources 3yrs online
4 EHS602 Biosafety Refresher 1yr online 16 EHS715 Sealed Sources Refresher 3yrs online
5 EHS603 Blood Borne Pathogens No Expiry online 17 EHS907 TDG Rad 3yrs in-class
6 EHS613 Viral Vectors (Upcoming) 1yr online 18 EHS908 TDG Rad – receiving only 3yrs in-class
7 EHS909 TDG Bio 2yrs in-class 19 EHS741 X-ray Safety 3yrs online
8 EHS532 Respiratory Protection (fit-testing in person) 2yrs online 20 EHS745 X-ray Safety Refresher 3yrs online
9 EHS006 Hydrogen Fluoride No Expiry online 21 EHS731 Laser Safety 3yrs in-class
10 EHS111 Mercury Safety Awareness No Expiry online 22 EHS732 Laser Safety Refresher 3yrs online
11 EHS566 Molten Materials No Expiry online 23 EHS583 Supervisor Due Diligence No Expiry online
12 EHS910 TDG Chemical 3yrs online