Laser Safety

The laser safety program at the University of Toronto is administered throulasergh the Office of Environmental Health and Safety under the authority of the Laser Safety Committee.

This page serves as a focal point for the laser safety program and provides links and information regarding laser safety.

Laser Safety Program

Laser Safety Committee

Laser Safety Training

Should you have accessibility needs within a research environment please visit/contact the following resources.
Student Accessibility –
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) –

Description of the laser safety training courses

If you know exactly which course(s) you are required to complete:

Please go to My EHS Training webpage, read the information on it and Log-in (bottom of the page) to register for the course

If you are not sure of the course(s) you are required to complete:

Please visit the description of the laser safety training courses or the EHS training matrix webpage to find the courses offered by the Radiation Protection Service (and other EHS courses)

Laboratory Personnel Training Matrix

Click the appropriate check box/boxes for the hazard/s connected to your research work (radiation, lasers, X-ray, etc.). If more checkboxes appear, click the one/ones that better describe your research work. Once you are done, you can choose to download the table as a pdf (“Download a PDF” button below the table) or directly register for the course/s (“Log into My EHS Training” button at the end of the webpage).

If you do not have UTORid or will work with an open beam instrument, please contact Dr. Gustavo Moriena (

A more in-depth presentation of the laser safety theory can be found in the Laser Safety Manual.

Laser Safety Officer Training

Laser Lab Design (PDF)

Laser Safety Introduction Video


Laser Accident – Victim’s View (PDF)

Laser Pointers

External Laser Links


The information presented on this web page is suitable for the University of Toronto and may not be adequate for other laser applications.