Promoting Safety (Digital & Print Media)

Creating awareness around health and safety is key in ensuring that an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy work, research and study environment exists at the University of Toronto.Construction Safety Equipment

Download and print these posters and hang them in key locations around your office, building and work spaces.

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General Safety Posters

Ergonomics Poster
General Office Safety Poster
In Case of Injury and Incident Poster
In Case of Injury and Incident Decal (4″x6″ size) and (Letter size)
Lifting Poster
Slips Trips and Falls Poster
We Share the Air Poster
Scent Free Space Poster
Working Safely with Sharp Blades or Edges in the Office Poster
Working Safely with Paper Cutters

Lab Safety Posters

Avoid Contaminating the Building
Bucket List Poster
Chemical Storage Flowchart
Do not Eat the Chemicals You Work With
Don’t Be on the Wrong Side of Safety
Dress for the Occasion
Hazardous Waste Poster
Love Your Toes
Radiation Safety Poster

Biosafety Cabinet Failure/Alarm

EHS & EPS Emergency Contact List – St. George Campus

Machine Safety Posters

Filing/Polishing at the Lathe
Machine Safety
Polishing/Sanding at the Lathe
Working at the Grinder
Working at the Sander

EHS Brochure

This brochure offers an introduction to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, including services and key contacts.

EHS Brochure