X-ray Safety

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Updated: August 2023

The University of Toronto X-ray Safety Program is governed by the UTRPA which is responsible for reviewing and approving the institutional X-ray Safety Program and ensures that all components of the program are adequately implemented. The Radiation Protection Service (RPS) under the office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), has the responsibility of implementing, updating, and auditing the X-ray Safety Program in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 861 (PDF)

X-ray Safety Manual

The latest version of the U of T X-ray Safety Program manual can be found here.

X-ray Source Registration and Permit Application

Information on applying for an X-ray Permit or if you need to register a new X-ray source with the MLITSD can be found here.


EHS offers the following X-ray safety courses:

  • EHS 741: X-ray Safety 
  • EHS 742: X-ray Safety – Faculty of Dentistry
  • EHS 745: X-ray Safety Refresher


Daniel Cardenas
Health & Safety Officer, X-ray Safety Officer