JHSC Certification

Certification Training for Joint Health and Safety Committee MembersTwo women working with a laptop

JHSC full certification is a two-step process involving both Basic Certification Training (Part 1) and Workplace-Specific hazard training (Part 2). The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires two JHSC members (one worker, one management) to be fully certified.

All requests for Certification training will be reviewed relative to current membership (Certification status of other members) to meet regulatory requirements and collective agreements. EHS will pay for 1 manager member to become fully certified and at least 1 worker member to be certified to meet these requirements.

JHSC Certification Training is divided into two Parts. You MUST take Part 2 within one year of completing Part 1. Certification training requires a time commitment of 5-6 days within a one year period. These days will be consecutive. If you cannot meet this requirement, you can apply to the Ministry of Labour for a one-time extension . Please contact EHS for more information.

JHSC members are required to take EHS coordinated JHSC training in order to ensure appropriate Ministry of Labour recognized training, recording keeping and tracking of their certification.  EHS is not involved with reviewing eligibility of courses for JHSC certification outside of those coordinated by EHS.

For more information, contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Part 1: Basic Certification Training

The Ministry of Labour requires Part 1 training to be at least 3 days in duration. This training is provided by an external provider (Public Sector Health and Safety Association, PSHSA).  EHS will work with participants to register them for training.

Part 2: Workplace Hazard Specific Training

Part 2 certification training is 2-day training program. It MUST be taken within one year of Part 1. This training is provided in-house by EHS.

JHSC Refresher Training

If you became fully certified after March 1, 2016, you must completed a JHSC Refresher course every 3 years. This training is provided in-house by EHS.

If you cannot meet this requirement and you are still an active member of a JHSC, you can apply to the Ministry of Labour for a one-time exception BEFORE the 3-year expiration date. Please contact EHS for more information.