Training FAQs

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact the EHS Training Coordinator.

This file is neither harmful nor required to access EHS training. If a file is downloaded, please restart your computer and try logging in to your My EHS account again. This file may be downloaded if you are attempting to log in while not on the U of T campus, or if you are not using Google Chrome.

If you are unable to log in from your laptop despite being on campus, you will need to log in from a library or departmental computer instead.

You can refer to our training matrices for either lab personnel or admin staff. Please note that your supervisor or professor may require you to take additional courses.

Training Matrix for Lab Personnel

Training Matrix for Administrative and Facilities Staff

Please choose “Name Not Found” if your supervisor is not listed.

No, all My EHS profiles must be created by the individual who will be using the account, or their supervisor (given that they have been granted access to this tool).

To download your complete training record, log in to your My EHS account and click “View Training History” in the bottom-left of the page.

Refer to the EHS training matrices to find out if/how often your training needs to be refreshed. Log into your My EHS Training account and download your training record if you do not remember when you completed your training last.

It can take up to 1 month for most EHS courses to appear in your training history. However, records for the following courses are imported weekly or semi-weekly:


If you still do not see any updates after 7 days, please contact EHS Courses.