Register for Training: ‘My EHS’ Training

Health and Safety PictogramEHS courses are restricted to University of Toronto employees, students and those conducting authorized activities at the university requiring specific EHS training as deemed necessary by management. Training is offered in-class and/or online in the various areas below. 

Please refer to the EHS Training Matrices to learn which courses are required for your work at the university: 

Training Matrix for Lab Personnel  
Training Matrix for Administrative and Facilities Staff


Please read the information below. There have been a number of changes since the University has transitioned to Quercus.
My EHS Training is ONLY accessible from the U of T campus, OR through VPN access to the server, available for all faculty, staff, and students who are working away from the campus.  To obtain VPN access see these instructions.

If you are unable to access My EHS Training using VPN, please contact for further instruction.


Log into My EHS Training to…

  • register for all online and in-class courses, including EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awareness Training (BHSAT) – the only exception is First Aid training which has its own process. Please visit the linked webpage for more information.
  • cancel or change your registration
  • view or print your training history
  • set up your profile without registering for a course (for first-time users only)

I am a first-time user. What do I need to know?

  • All FIRST TIME users (e.g. new employees, new students) MUST set up a profile or your training history will be lost. 
  • If you do NOT have a profile, you will be prompted to set up one when you login for the first time.
  • IF YOU ARE NOT A FIRST-TIME REGISTRANT AND ARE PROMPTED TO CREATE A PROFILE: Please contact EHS as this may indicate that you have a duplicate account.
  • Ensure you have your UTORid and personnel number/student number ready before registering for the first time.
  • If you are registering for the first time and your Supervisor is not listed in the drop down menu, please use “Name Not Found”.
  • Temporary UTORids starting with “qq” should not be used if you are either a U of T student or staff.
For more detailed instructions on creating an account and registering for courses, please see our guide: Completing Online EHS Courses

What if I do not have a UTORid OR have an external (non-U of T personnel) joining my department?


I have an account. How do I register for courses?

If you have taken in-class EHS training or accessed the system before, you already have a profile. To register for courses: 

  1. Log into your My EHS Training account 
  2. Click “Select from all available courses”
  3. Search for course by it’s name (not course code) and click “Select”
  4. Click “Register for this Course.”

Once registered, you should receive an email with a PDF with course information. If the course is online, the PDF will contain a self-enroll link to the course on Quercus. If the course is in-class, the PDF will contain details of the course. 

If you did not receive an email, you can also click “Full Course Details”  in the section where your registered courses are displayed:

What if my supervisor or department information is incorrect/needs to be updated? 


Contact to update your information.

Information regarding training records:


Grades are imported to My EHS on a weekly basis. If you need immediate proof of completion, please take a screenshot of your grade on Quercus. 

To download your complete training history:  Log into you My EHS account and click “View Training History” in the bottom-left of the page. 

If you do not see any updates to your training record more than a week after completing a course, please contact EHS Courses.

Important information regarding EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awareness Training (BHSAT)

  • BHSAT records are recorded in both My EHS Training and HRIS
  • Managers can view all current/historic BHSAT training records via the Manager Self-Service (MSS) – click here for MSS instructions.
  • Business officers are also be able to access all current/historic BHSAT training records for their department in HRIS/SAP – click here for BHSAT Business Officer Instructions.

If a business officer or manager cannot view certain employees, please contact your local HR rep to update that employee’s information.

For all training and registration inquiries, please see the Training FAQs or contact the Training Coordinator.


(If you encounter an error message while logging in, close your browser completely and try again. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers to login)


*My EHS Training is ONLY accessible from the U of T campus network. Make sure you are logging in while on campus or using VPN. To obtain VPN access see these instructions.