New Respiratory Protection Training and Fit-Testing Procedure

Find out more information on how to register and book your fit-test appointment.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Click here to learn how to set up your workstation to avoid ergonomic risk factors.

U of T now has approved Part 2 JHSC Trainers

The University is amongst one of the first employers in Ontario to provide this in-house training. Read More

New Lab Coat & Personal Protective Equipment Posters

Are you dressed properly for the lab? To help you find out check out our new posters: Lab Coat Poster and PPE Poster.

Invertebrates, Plants and Soil Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to be completed by Principal Investigators at U of T working with invertebrates, plants and/or soil.

Promote Lab Safety

Download, print and display our Lab Safety posters including the Bucket List poster.


For lab personnel working with biological agents at U of T.

Chemical and Lab Safety

For lab personnel working with chemicals and in labs at U of T.

Environmental Protection Services

Hazardous waste management; disposal of biological, chemical, and radioactive waste, etc.

Occupational Health

Preventing injury and illness through medical surveillance programs.

Occupational Hygiene & Safety

Accident Reporting, Office Ergonomics, First Aid, Asbestos, Mould, Noise, Heat & Cold Stress, etc.

Radiation, Laser & X-ray Safety

For lab personnel working with radioisotopes, lasers, and x-rays at U of T.

Accident Reporting

For faculty, staff, and students involved in accidents/incidents at U of T.

Health & Safety Training

For faculty, staff, and students at U of T as per work and course requirements.