Training Matrix: Admin & Facilities Staff

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All employees regardless of job function
Office worker or works at a computer workstation for more than 3 hrs/day
Have supervisory duties over other UofT employees and students and/or their work
Work near but NOT directly with asbestos OR manages repair/maintenance/renovation projects
Perform Type 1 or 2 asbestos work *
Work at heights above 10 feet, closer than 2 feet to the edge and without guardrails
Drive or work on Aerial Platform Lifts  ♦  ♦
Work outside in the winter for significant periods of time  ♦
Work outside in the summer and in hot indoor environments such as the steam tunnels  ♦
Work in Confined Spaces  ♦
Work on loading Docks  ♦
Visits labs – repair/maintenance/renovation  ♦
Uses ladders  ♦
Transport large/heavy objects in vehicles  ♦
Manually transport materials (lifting, pushing, pulling)  ♦
Work on plumbing traps, clean up BROKEN compact fluorescent lights  ♦
Remove or clean mouldy materials;
Require awareness of mould remediation, prevention of mould growth but does not perform mould remediation – e.g. property managers, project managers
Exposure to noise > 85 dBA *
Uses respiratory protection
Disturb lead-containing materials such as lead paint, lead sheets, leaded glass, etc.
Disturb silica-containing materials such as mortar blocks, cement, brick, etc.
Uses chemicals
Exposed to an unexpected release of hazardous energy from a process/equipment (electricity, fluid pressure, air pressure, kinetic energy, potential energy, pressurized liquids or gas)
Transports, receives and ships chemicals under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Receives packages – biological agents (does not open)
Receives packages – radioactive materials (does not open)
Key Requirements Valid For Delivery Key Requirements Valid For Delivery
1 EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awarenes No Expiry online* 16 EHS529 Noise: Evaluation and Controlling the Hazard No Expiry online
2 EHS509 Asbestos Awareness OR EHS570 Managing Asbestos Projects (e.g. property managers, project managers) No Expiry online 17 EHS532 Respiratory Protection (fit-testing in person) 2yrs online
3 EHS567 Asbestos Training for Type 1 & 2 Asbestos Workers & Their Supervisors (EHS 568 Refresher) 5yrs in-class 18 EHS519 Lead No Expiry online
4 EHS579 Working at Heights 3yrs in-class
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19 EHS507 Silica No Expiry online
5 EHS539 Aerial Platform Lift 3yrs in-class 20 EHS528 Slips, Trips and Falls No Expiry online
6 EHS530 Cold Stress No Expiry online 21 EHS536 Office Ergonomics No Expiry online
7 EHS531 Heat Stress No Expiry online 22 EHS576 WHMIS for Non-Lab Staff 1yr online 
REFRESHER: self-study also available
8 Confined Space (campus-specific training will vary) Varies in-class 23 EHS527 Lock out Tag out 3yrs in-class
9 EHS549 Working in Loading Docks No Expiry online 24 EHS910 TDG – Chemicals 3yrs online
10 EHS953 Lab Safety Awareness for non-Lab Staff No Expiry online 25 EHS909 TDG – Biologicals 2yrs in-class
11 EHS542 Ladder Safety No Expiry online 26 EHS908 TDG – Radiation (Receiving only) 3yrs in-class
12 EHS547 Load Securement No Expiry online 27 EHS303 Job Safety Analysis No Expiry in-class
13 EHS534 Manual Materials Handling No Expiry online 28 EHS305 Accident Investigation for Supervisors No Expiry in-class
14 EHS573 Mercury Awareness No Expiry online 29 EHS583 Supervisor Due Diligence No Expiry online
15 EHS533 Mould: Evaluation and Controlling the Hazard No Expiry in-class

*Medical Survelliance applicable; Supervisors should

contact Occupational Health at 416.978.4476