Training Matrix: Admin & Facilities Staff

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All employees regardless of job function
Office worker or works at a computer workstation for more than 3 hrs/day
Have supervisory duties over other UofT employees and students and/or their work
Work near but NOT directly with asbestos OR manages repair/maintenance/renovation projects
Perform Type 1 or 2 asbestos work *
Work at heights above 10 feet, closer than 2 metres from the edge and without guardrails
Drive or work on Aerial Platform Lifts  ♦  ♦
Work outside in the winter for significant periods of time  ♦
Work outside in the summer and in hot indoor environments such as the steam tunnels  ♦
Work in Confined Spaces  ♦
Work on loading Docks  ♦
Visits labs – repair/maintenance/renovation  ♦
Uses ladders  ♦
Transport large/heavy objects in vehicles  ♦
Manually transport materials (lifting, pushing, pulling)  ♦
Work on plumbing traps, clean up BROKEN compact fluorescent lights  ♦
Remove or clean mouldy materials;
Require awareness of mould remediation, prevention of mould growth but does not perform mould remediation – e.g. property managers, project managers
Exposure to noise > 85 dBA *
Uses respiratory protection
Disturb lead-containing materials such as lead paint, lead sheets, leaded glass, etc.
Disturb silica-containing materials such as mortar blocks, cement, brick, etc.
Uses chemicals
Exposed to an unexpected release of hazardous energy from a process/equipment (electricity, fluid pressure, air pressure, kinetic energy, potential energy, pressurized liquids or gas)
Transports, receives and ships chemicals under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Receives packages – biological agents (does not open)
Receives packages – radioactive materials (does not open)
Key Requirements Valid For Delivery Key Requirements Valid For Delivery
1 EHS002 Basic Health and Safety Awarenes No Expiry online* 16 EHS529 Noise: Evaluation and Controlling the Hazard No Expiry online
2 EHS509 Asbestos Awareness OR EHS570 Managing Asbestos Projects (e.g. property managers, project managers) EHS509 (no expiry), EHS570 (5 yrs) online 17 EHS532 Respiratory Protection (fit-testing in person) 2yrs online
3 EHS567 Asbestos Training for Type 1 & 2 Asbestos Workers & Their Supervisors (EHS 568 Refresher) 5yrs in-class 18 EHS519 Lead No Expiry online
4 EHS579 Working at Heights 3yrs in-class
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19 EHS507 Silica No Expiry online
5 EHS539 Aerial Platform Lift 3yrs in-class 20 EHS528 Slips, Trips and Falls No Expiry online
6 EHS530 Cold Stress No Expiry online 21 EHS536 Office Ergonomics No Expiry online
7 EHS531 Heat Stress No Expiry online 22 EHS576 WHMIS for Non-Lab Staff 1yr online 
REFRESHER: self-study also available
8 Confined Space (campus-specific training will vary) Varies in-class 23 EHS527 Lock out Tag out 3yrs in-class
9 EHS549 Working in Loading Docks No Expiry online 24 EHS910 TDG – Chemicals 3yrs online
10 EHS953 Lab Safety Awareness for non-Lab Staff No Expiry online 25 EHS909 TDG – Biologicals 2yrs in-class
11 EHS542 Ladder Safety No Expiry online 26 EHS908 TDG – Radiation (Receiving only) 3yrs in-class
12 EHS547 Load Securement No Expiry online 27 EHS303 Job Safety Analysis No Expiry online
13 EHS534 Manual Materials Handling No Expiry online 28 EHS305 Accident Investigation for Supervisors No Expiry in-class
14 EHS573 Mercury Awareness No Expiry online 29 EHS583 Supervisor Due Diligence No Expiry online
15 EHS533 Mould: Evaluation and Controlling the Hazard 5 yrs in-class

*Medical Survelliance applicable; Supervisors should

contact Occupational Health at 416.978.4476