JHSC Listing & Resources

Occupational Health & Safety Act
University of Toronto Health & Safety Policy
University of Toronto Workplace Harassment Policy & Workplace Violence Policy
JHSC Membership List (Name/Location/Contact Information)
JHSC Minutes of the Last Meeting
WSIB In Case of Injury Poster
Ministry of Labour Health & Safety at Work Prevention Starts Here Poster
Ministry of Labour Documents (Field Visit Reports, Orders, Compliance Forms) – MOL reports can be removed after 14 days, per the Occupational Health & Safety Act
Any Health & Safety reports for the workplace
Type 3 Asbestos Abatement Information
Previously sent JHSC Newsletter can be found here. All JHSC members are automatically added to the JHSC Listserv. If you are part of a JHSC but did not receive any JHSC newsletter, please contact EHS JHSC at ehs.jhsc@utoronto.ca.