Chemical and Lab Safety


The Chemical and Lab safety group assists professors, staff and students with all aspects of lab safety that are not related to biological or radiological issues.  The group provides services in a diverse number of fields including chemical safety, nanomaterials, lab ventilation, compressed gases, liquefied gases, field safety, and others.  Support is provided through training, site assessments, inspections, annual fume hood and alarm certification, lab commissioning, safety procedures and programs.
Overall control of the program is through the University’s Laboratory Safety Committee with administrative and technical support provided by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

NEWPrevention of Accidental Importation of Chemical Weapons Convention Controlled Chemicals

NEWSafety Guidelines for the use of Carcinogens, Teratogens, and Highly Toxic Chemicals in Small Quantities

NEWGuidelines on Working With Nanomaterials

NEWGuidelines on Working Alone in the Lab

Accident Reporting Pictogram
Accident and Incident Reporting 
Emergency Procedures

Environmental Protection Services Pictogram

Hazardous Waste Management

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Personal Protective Equipment


Chemical Spills


Central Chemical Inventory Management System


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                    Lab Safety and Workplace Safety                    

Laboratory Safety Program

Laboratory Chemical Safety Program (PDF)

Training Matrix (Lab Personnel)

Laboratory PI Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Guidelines on Working Alone in the Lab

Transporting Chemicals within Buildings

Workplace Safety
Eyewash and Showers
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Decommissioning Lab or Equipment
Working with Animals




                                  Chemical Safety                                  

Regulated  Substances and Working Procedures
High Hazard Chemicals
Chemical Storage
Flammable Liquid Storage


Additional Resources

Safety in University Buildings

Work Alone Program

 Emergency:  416-978-2222 (8-2222)  |  Non-emergency:  416-978-2323 (8-2323)



Digital Resources 

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