January 30, 2024

When travelling for University-sanctioned activities, please review the Government of Canada Foreign Affairs website for travel advisories and ensure follow-up is conducted with the applicable travel insurance company regarding coverage restrictions ahead of time.  Stay up-to-date on public health requirements at the destination country and Government of Canada requirements for returning to Canada.  For those returning to Canada after travelling abroad, please ensure that the travel requirements, e.g. testing, quarantine, vaccination, etc.) are followed.

For all students travelling on University sanctioned activity, you must complete all safety abroad pre-departure requirements including checking travel advisories, completing safety abroad online workshops, securing travel health insurance and completing the safety abroad registry. More information on the safety pre-departure requirements for university activity abroad is available on the Safety Abroad website.


  1. Guidance on Research and Travel in the Context of COVID-19 & Other Respiratory Illnesses
  2. For off-campus research, researchers may choose (optional) to complete the Off-Campus Safety Planning Record (Risk Assessment). This form (formerly the “Field Research Planning Record) is designed to guide units in assessing a range of health and safety considerations (e.g. chemical and biological agents, remote travel, wild life, equipment/tools, public health, etc.)
  3. For off-campus non-research activities (e.g. academic field trip, off-campus trips that may confer additional risks due to wildlife, remote location, equipment, etc.), units may choose (optional) to complete the Off-Campus Safety Planning Record (Risk Assessment). This assessment may also apply in situations where students/staff are attending off-campus locations to use specialized equipment, engage in research collaborations, or to participate in any university sanctioned research activity. In circumstances where a placement agreement (Paid or Unpaid) exists between the university and the external site, please review relevant guidance.
  4. Framework on Off-Campus Safety (PDF)
  5. Guidelines on Safety in Field Research (PDF)
  6. Off-Campus Safety Guidelines, Sections A to G (PDF)
  7. Firearms: University of Toronto Firearms in Research and Field Teaching Guideline & Appendix A: Non-Restricted Firearm Researching/Teaching Approval Form