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March 23, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions Updated April 5, 2017 (PDF)

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U of T News story March 23, 2017

U of T News story March 31, 2017

U of T News story April 12, 2017

Air Sampling Summary Report

Current report

Safetech Summary Report April 10-15 2017 (PDF)

Past reports

Safetech MSB Summary Report April 2-7 2017 (PDF)

Safetech Summary Report (Part 1) March 31, 2017 (PDF)

Part 1 contains a Summary Report (overall air sampling results), Appendix A (current Building Wide air sampling results organized by floor), Appendix B (past air sampling results collected while asbestos abatement was occurring since last fall) and Part C which contains Certificates of Analysis for transmission electron microcopy results.

Safetech Summary Report (Part 2) March 31, 2017(PDF)

Safetech Summary Report (Part 3) March 31, 2017 (PDF)

Parts 2 and 3 contains additional technical information for those who wish to contain more details.

PLEASE NOTE: Other reports are located in the Portal. Those interested in accessing reports should provide their UTORID via email to, using “Access request re: MSB reports portal” in the subject line. Upon submission of your UTORID you will be granted access, on average, within one business day. Please note, you WILL NOT receive any notification that you have access to the reports. After you have submitted your UTORID, within 1 business day, please log into the portal and click on “My Page”. There you should see “MSB Reports” under the folder called “Organizations in which you are participating .”

MSB Communications

MSB Communication March 8 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication March 9 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication March 14 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication March 20 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication March 22 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication March 27 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication March 31 2017 (PDF)

MSB Communication April 5 2017 (PDF)

MSB MedEmail April 5 2017

MSB Communication April 7 2017

MSB Renovation Update April 13 2017

MSB Update April 13 2017 (PDF)

MOL Reports

MOL Field Visit Report March 13 2017 (PDF)

MOL Field Visit Report March 22 2017 (PDF)

MOL Field Visit Report March 27 2017 (A) (PDF)

MOL Field Visit Report March 27 2017 (B) (PDF)

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