Emergency Procedures

Emergency Contact Information:

For medical emergencies – all campus 911*
For non-medical emergencies
Weekdays (9am-5pm)
University Biosafety Office 416-978-3981
Environmental Health & Safety: 416-978-4467
Other times
University of Toronto Campus Safety:
Mississauga 905-569-4333
Scarborough 416-978-2222
St. George 416-978-2222
MaRS 416-673-8200
Krembil Discovery Tower 416-603-5800, ext 5555

*Use your cell phone to dial 911. Do not call with Teams Phone.

Biological Spills and Other Uncontrolled Releases

Emergency response plans are required for Containment Levels 1, 2 and 3, and must include procedures for dealing with spills and other laboratory incidents that can result in the release of biological materials or to an exposure. Since the capacity of most commonly-used laboratory culture containers is a relatively small volume, it is anticipated that most spills within the laboratory will be limited and therefore of a minor nature. Although the specific response will depend on the nature of the biological material and the volume spilled, decontamination and clean-up procedures should follow common practices in bio laboratories (see Chapter 17.3 of CBH). Effective disinfectants must be available in the laboratory at all times and for immediate use.

For large quantities (>10L), specific procedures must be approved by the Senior Biosafety Officer. Please contact the Biosafety Officer for risk assessment and advice.

Each laboratory must have their own emergency plan according to associated the risk level of their specific biological material, location, and volume. The laboratory specific emergency response plan must be available to all users at all times. Users must be instructed and trained in advance of an emergency in order to ensure an efficient and adequate response.

Chapter 17 of the Canadian Biosafety Handbook provides additional and general information on how to write your emergency response plan.