Fume Hoods

The fume hood is the primary control device in most laboratories for protecting employees and students from exposure to hazardous chemicals. It is also an integral part of the building air handling system. The efficiency of operation is essential in maintaining good air quality in laboratories. It is therefore imperative that it function properly and that it be designed appropriately. This standard was developed in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z316.5-15 Fume Hoods and Associated Exhaust Systems.

Fume hoods should be tested by qualified personnel in accordance with the CSA Standard or equivalent. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety audits fume hood performance and recalibrates the airflow alarm monitors on an annual basis. To report fume hood malfunctions contact the Facilities & Services Department at 416-978-3000.

Please see the University of Toronto Fume Hood User Guidelines (PDF) for more information on the use of fume hoods at the University.

Additional information on fume hood installation and associated standards for the University is available on the EHS website. All fume hoods installed at the University must meet the University of Toronto Fume Hood Standard (PDF) to ensure the safety of users and the building occupants.