Medical Surveillance and Immunoprophylaxis

The University of Toronto, EHS Occupational Health Services provides several health surveillance, testing and immunoprophylaxis programs for University employees.

Animal Care Workers Surveillance

Communicable Disease Surveillance:

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Nursing

Student Health Services

Research Laboratory Personnel

HIV Research Laboratory Personnel

Immunoprophylaxis Programs:

Hepatitis A Virus

Hepatitis B Virus

Influenza Virus


Measles, Mumps and Rubella

Rabies Virus

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio Virus

Testing Programs:

Anonymous HIV testing

Epstein Barr Virus testing

Hepatitis C Virus testing

Mantoux testing (Tuberculosis screening)

Q Fever serological testing

Immunizing agents are available for the protection of laboratory personnel against the etiologic agents of the following diseases:

Anthrax Lyme disease Rabies
Botulism Measles Rubella
Cholera Meningococcus Tetanus
Diphtheria Mumps Tuberculosis (BCG)
Hemophilus influenzae type b Pertussis Typhoid
Hepatitis A Plague Vaccinia
Hepatitis B Pneumococcus Varicella
Influenza A Polio Yellow fever
Japanese encephalitis

Immunoprophylaxis and information pertaining to the availability and the advisability of immunizing agents are available through EHS Occupational Health Services.

Laboratory personnel should be protected against laboratory-acquired infections by appropriate immunization with relevant, licensed vaccines unless they already have documented protective levels of pre-existing immunity. Hepatitis B immunization is strongly recommended for all workers who routinely handle or have occupational exposure to human blood, body fluids, organs or tissues. The University of Toronto offers and provides hepatitis B immunization free of charge to its employees through the EHS Occupational Health Services.

Students may obtain immunizations through the University Student Health Service for the St. George Campus, the Health & Counselling Centre at UTM, and the Health and Wellness Centre at UTSC.