Working with Laboratory Animals

All aspects of the proposed use of animals in research and the operational procedures for the care and maintenance of animals must satisfy the Standards and Guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), the Canadian Biosafety Standard, Containment Standards for Facilities Handling Aquatic Animal Pathogens and the local animal care authority, as well as this manual, if the animals are exposed to or infected with biological materials. This should be done to ensure protection for laboratory personnel, the environment, and to ensure that every care is taken to avoid causing the animals unnecessary pain or suffering and to provide the animals with the highest quality of care. The University of Toronto holds a CCAC Certificate of Good Animal Practice® as is recommended for institutions using animals for research, teaching and testing.

Under the Ontario Animals for Research Act and its Regulations, all Principal Investigators who intend to conduct research, testing or teaching projects at the University of Toronto involving the use of animals, must obtain the approval of their relevant Local Animal Care Committee (LACC) before commencing the project. To obtain such approval, the Principal Investigator must submit the University of Toronto Animal Use Protocol Form. Visit the Research and Innovation – Animals in Research web page.

Additional information for Animal Work available in Chapter 13 of CBH.