List of Committee Members


Department or Office Represented

Local Biosafety Coordinator Building Jurisdiction

Dr. A. Bognar (Chair) Molecular Genetics
Dr. M. Brown Molecular Genetics Medical Sciences Building
Dr. Scott D. Gray-Owen Molecular Genetics Canfar Laboratory MSB
Dr. Jennifer Griffin Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases Krembil Discovery Tower
Dr. Siew-Ging Gong CIHR Group in Matrix Dynamics FitzGerald Building & Dentistry
Dr. David S. Guttman Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Earth Sciences Centre
Dr. Sara Sharifpoor Banting and Best Department of Medical Research CCBR
Dr. T. Westwood Biology, UT Mississauga UT Mississauga
Dr. A. Marks
Dr. M. Ringuette Cell & Systems Biology Ramsay Wright Building
Dr. P. O’Brien Pharmacy Pharmacy Building
Dr. James Scott Public Health Sciences Gage Building, Banting Institute, all other locations without an on-site local coordinator
Dr. Vincent Tropepe Cell & Systems Biology (Recombinant & genetically modified organisms) All locations
Dr. Shelley Brunt Department of Biological Sciences, UT Scarborough UT Scarborough
Dr. Gabor Lantos P.Eng MBA MD Occupational Health Physician Health and Well-being
Dr. Richard Renlund Division of Comparative Medicine Medical Sciences Building
Dr. David Hanwell University Regulatory Veterinarian, Research Oversight & Compliance
Mr. Marc Drouin Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Dr. R. Zand
Director, Ethics Review Office
Vice-President, Research & Associate Provost
Dr. P. Lewis
Vice-Dean, Research
Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine
Ms. Rosalind Waxman Community Representative
Mr. Bob Boomhour Community Representative
Rob Provost
Coordinator, Hazardous Waste Management
Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Ayoob Ghalami
University Biosafety Officer
Office of Environmental Health & Safety