Maintenance and Repairs of Fume Hood Exhaust System

Review: January 2023

Procedure for maintenance and repairs for fume hoods exhaust system where open sources radioactive material are used

Before performing repair and/or maintenance of a fume hood exhaust system marked “Radiation – Danger”, a radiation safety analysis is required.

Examples of radiation signage

Contact Radiation Protection Services (RPS) Team, Environmental Health and Safety Office prior to:

  1. Entering into the system;
  2. Performing any work on the exhaust system (maintenance, repairs, change of the filters, etc.);
  3. Disposing filters in order for RPS to confirm the proper disposal.

The RPS Team will conduct a radiation safety assessment, contamination survey as applicable, and communicate the recommendations to the worker, the supervisor, and/or the project manager.

Radiation Protection Services contact information

Ranganathan, Vani
Health and Safety Officer

Cardenas, Daniel
Health and Safety Officer