Radioactive Materials Training

The following courses are offered:

  1. EHS702 Radiation Safety – Project Students   (online)
  2. EHS704 Radiation Safety Officer Training   (in-person)
  3. EHS705 Radiation Safety Refresher (pre-requisite: Radiation Safety Full or Radiation Safety-Policies and Procedures)   (online)
  4. EHS706 Introduction to Radiation Protection   (online)
  5. EHS709 Radiation Safety Awareness   (online)
  6. EHS710 Sealed Sources Safety   (online)
  7. EHS714 Radiation Safety Refresher for Permit Holders (pre-requisite: Radiation Safety Full or Radiation Safety-Policies and Procedures)  (online)
  8. EHS715 Sealed Sources Refresher (Pre-requisite: Sealed Sources Safety)   (online)
  9. EHS716 Radiation Safety-Theory   (online)
  10. EHS717 Radiation Safety-Theory   (in-person)
  11. EHS718 Radiation Safety-Policies and Procedures   (in-person)
  12. EHS722 Awareness Training for Uranium, Thorium or Plutonium Compounds   (online)
  13. EHS751 UV Radiation Safety Awareness   (online)
  14. EHS770 EMF Radiation Awareness   (online)

To register for any of these courses, go to My EHS Training, Log-in (bottom of the page) and look for the course code.

The Radiation Safety is be divided into two parts: Radiation Safety-Theory and Radiation Safety-Policies and Procedures

The Radiation Safety-Theory course will be offered as:

      1. Online   – course number EHS716 or
      2. In-person – course number EHS717

The applicant can choose between the two versions of the theory training.

The Radiation Safety–Theory must be followed by the Radiation Safety–Policies and Procedures (EHS718) which is offered only in-person. The completion of the Theory part is a pre-requisite for the Policies and Procedures part.

EHS718 consists of radiation hazard presentation, practical sessions, emergency preparations and a quiz.

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Go to My EHS Training  and Log-in (bottom of the page)

Dates of training 2020

EHS717 Jan 15 EHS718 Jan 16
EHS717 May 14 EHS718 May 15
EHS717 EHS718 Oct 14

Radiation Protection Training Manual