Online Accident/Incident eForm for Students, Contractors and Visitors

University of Toronto
Student/Contractor/Visitor Incident Report Form

This form should be completed and submitted by a University of Toronto employee in the event of an incident or injury involving students, contractors or other visitors (including visiting students conducting research). For injuries involving employees go to the e-form for employees. This form may also be used to report incidents like near misses, where there was no injury, but the potential for injury existed. If you require medical care please go to a health care provider. Occupational Health and Safety Does NOT provide primary care, but only occupation-related consulting services; such as how your work might affect your medical condition, or vice-versa.

Important Information:

This form cannot be saved. Please ensure that you have all of the details of the incident and the personal information of the employee involved before you start to complete the form. If some information is not available when you complete the form, please submit what you have and submit further information as soon as you have it. If you do not have information for a required field e.g. phone number, insert any number to complete the submission of the report (111-111-1111) and note this in the free text section.

***Please note the following form requires UTORid authentication.

If you are having trouble with your UTORid please visit the UTORid Account Management webpage.

If you are still having trouble with your UTORid after 12 hours of the incident occurring or being reported please contact our office at 416.978-4467 or

Accident/Incident eForm for Students, Contractors and Visitors