SOP – Cabinet Equipment

Reviewed: Apr 2020

Example of SOP

Safety Operating Procedures for Cabinet X-ray Equipment

  1. Cabinet X-ray equipment must only be operated by individuals who have been trained in the safe use of the equipment and the procedures being performed;
  2. During the normal use of the cabinet x-ray equipment no whole body or extremity TLD is required;
  3. Never open the side panels, dismantle or remove any part of the cabinet;
  4. Any repairs and maintenance shall be done by authorized personnel. Authorized personal must be trained by the manufacturer in the repair and maintenance of the specific x-ray cabinet. They must wear whole body and extremity TLD when performing the operations. At the end of work the maintenance personnel must restore the cabinet to its initial state with all interlocks and other safety feature fully functioning;
  5. Verify if the warning signs are visible and unobstructed;
  6. Do not use the x-ray machine if the warning lights are not working or are not fully visible. Report any malfunction to your supervisor and to the Radiation Protection Services;
  7. Start the X-ray machine;
  8. Verify that the green light indicating the power “ON” is working;
  9. Verify that the red light indicating the position of the shutter open is visible and working;
  10. Verify that the emergency button is working by pressing it when the system is working, depress the red mushroom button and restart the system;
  11. Verify that the door of the cabinet cannot be open when the machine is on. If the door is open the interlock must shut down the machine. If the machine is shut down it must not automatically start when the door is closed. It must start only from the control panel;
  12. Verify if the door of the cabinet is closing properly;
  13. Do not use the x-ray machine if the red light, the interlocks or the doors are not in working conditions. Report any malfunction to your supervisor and to the Radiation Protection Services;
  14. Start using the X-ray machine;
  15. Do not insert your hand or any part of your body inside the X-ray machine when the system is “ON”;
  16. Remove any objects only after the system is turned “OFF”;
  17. At the completion of the work remove the key to prevent unauthorized use of the system.