Completing EHS training for externals

This process is intended for both business officers and any external personnel who will be joining the university as volunteers, visiting researchers, or any personnel who are not affiliated with the University of Toronto.  Follow the instructions below to complete your EHS training.
 STEP 1 
In order to access EHS Training, visitors must obtain a Long-Term Guest UTORid. Please contact the business officer/departmental administrator of the office or lab that you will be working in. 
For departmental administrators/business officers: To obtain a long-term guest UTORid for visiting personnel, please refer to these instructions. If your department is one that often needs to create multiple long-term guest UTORids, please contact UTORauth directly.
Please note: New UTORids can take up to 48 hours to become active after being created.

 STEP 2 
Once their Long-term Guest UTORid is active, visitors must create a My EHS profile in order to register for training. Please note that the My EHS Training module is only accessible from the U of T campus network.

The registration page will look like the screenshot below. External personnel must also enter their UTORid in the personnel number/student number field (*) to complete their profiles.
If you are registering for the first time and your Supervisor is not listed in the drop down menu, please use “Name Not Found”.

 STEP 3 
Visiting personnel can refer to the EHS Training Matrices to learn which courses they require for the work they will be doing at the university. 

Training Matrix for Lab Personnel 
Training Matrix for Administrative and Facilities Staff