COVID-19 Information

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Updated: May 3, 2022

For the latest information on the University of Toronto’s COVID-19 response, please see the UTogether page and take the time to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you or members of your unit have a question that is not covered, please submit your question using the Contact Us button. Faculty, librarians, and staff should also visit the Human Resources and Equity COVID-19 and Returning to Campus websites for more information. 


Summary of COVID-19 Measures

Please note this requirement may be reinstated on short notice should public health conditions or guidance change. 


If you cannot wear mask due to a medical reason and requires an accommodation, please contact Health and Well-Being (employee) or the Tri-Campus Student Mask Accommodation Workflow Process (student). 

Individuals must continue to be masked in classrooms and indoor spaces when physical distancing of at least two (2) metres cannot be maintained until June 30, 2022. Medical-grade masks are recommended. For more information on masking and physical distancing, please refer to Ch 6 of the COVID-19 General Workplace Guideline.

 Vaccination  The University paused the requirement to be fully vaccinated on May 1, 2022 with the exception of new employees who must upload their proof of vaccination in UCheck.
Self-Screening  UCheck health self-screening is no longer required. Individuals can monitor their health using the provincial health screening tool. Completing a health screening before coming to campus is highly recommended, and we continue to ask members of our community to remain at home if they are ill.
Capacity Limits and Physical Distancing Units have the discretion about physical distancing in their areas. Physical distancing is highly recommended in designated eating areas where masks are removed. 

These forms are no longer required; replaced by COVID-19 Safety List (optional) when planning in-person activities. You do NOT need to submit this list to EHS or for divisional review or approval – it is for your reference and support. Please contact EHS with any questions ( 

COVID-19 Safety List (optional)

Contractors and Externals The  Contractor/External Acknowledgement Form is no longer required. However, UofT contacts are responsible for communicating UofT requirements (e.g. masking).


COVID-19 Guidelines


Mask Exemption for Pedagogical Reasons

Instructors who wish to seek an exemption to mask use for pedagogical reasons should complete the Instructor Mask Removal Request for indoor Instructional Spaces Questionnaire and send it to EHS ( for review. 

COVID-19 Posters and Tipsheets

The University of Toronto has developed a number of COVID-19 related posters and signs for display throughout the campuses. EHS has also developed its own tip sheets to provide additional guidance on the care and maintenance of eye protection and face masks.