New Feature: Asbestos Data Website

September 28, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Asbestos Data website?

The Asbestos Data website, developed by St. George Campus Facilities & Services, contains information on the location and condition of asbestos-containing buildings in University buildings. Previously, this information was available in binders with contacts across the campuses. Putting this information online makes it more widely available to everyone.

Where do I find the Asbestos Data website?

Links to the Asbestos Data website are available on:

Do I need a password to access the Asbestos Data website?

There are two versions of the website: a Public version and an Internal version.

  • The Public version does not require a login. Any member of the public may access the Public version which contains the Asbestos Survey Reports for each building.
  • The Internal version requires a login (UTORid and password). This part of the website contains other documents on asbestos and designated substances for the St. George Campus, such as fireproofing floor plans, consultant survey reports, designated substance report summaries, asbestos building summaries and a campus-wide master summary of asbestos materials.

These additional documents are used by members of the St. George Campus to identify the location of asbestos and other designated substances prior to renovation, construction and repair work.

What if I don’t know my UTORid username or password?

Please visit the UTORid Management website for more information:

How do I use the website?

Instructions are available on the Asbestos section of the EHS website:

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For the St. George Campus, please contact the Hazardous Construction Materials Group (HCMG) or EHS at 416.978.4467. For the Mississauga and Scarborough campuses, please contact the local EHS Office at 905.569.5757 and 416.208.5141 respectively.