Asbestos Management Program

***For building emergencies (e.g. floods, fallen ceiling tiles, odours, etc.), report to your supervisor and call 416-978-3000.***

If you have questions about asbestos or suspect there is broken/damaged asbestos materials, please notify your supervisor or academic contact and call 416-978-3000 and EHS (416-978-4467 or to report the concern. EHS and the local facilities group will assess the situation and determine if the asbestos-containing materials is present and has been disturbed and coordinate applicable follow-up where necessary. Typically, the assessment includes a visual inspection of the material and physical location, reviewing the asbestos inventory and collecting additional information from local occupants/facilities teams (for example, when the material appeared, why type of construction/maintenance work has taken place in the area, etc.). Other information may be collected depending on the circumstances of the case. Individuals who feel they have been exposed to asbestos are recommended to submit an online accident/incident report to document their exposure. Through this process, they are also offered an opportunity for medical consultation with our occupational health physician where applicable and appropriate. Any material that is determined to be asbestos-containing will be cleaned up following asbestos procedures. If there is uncertainty about the material’s origins, samples may be collected, and the material can be cleaned up following asbestos procedures while awaiting test results out of an abundance of caution.


February 7, 2024


Important Information About Asbestos


Asbestos Management at the University of Toronto