Industrial Radiography Permit

Revised: January 2024

Industrial Radiography Permit Application Process

Every radiographer must have a Canadian Nuclear Safety (CNSC) license to possess and use radioactive sources. To ensure the safety of the University’s students, faculty, staff and the public, every IR project must be approved by the U of T Radiation Protection Service (RPS). An industrial radiography permit is issued for each project.

The radiography source permit system ensures that:

  • the radiography source and user are licenced or otherwise approved by the regulatory authorities;
  • the potential hazards of exposure to these sources have been identified and assessed;
  • that necessary safety measures are in place;
  • that workers, students, and staff are aware of the safety procedures to follow during such testing.

To apply for an Industrial Radiography permit please submit the following materials at least five (5) days before the date of the proposed project:

  1. A completed IR Permit application form
  2. Contractor’s CNSC license for the radiation source and technique being used for IR
  3. A copy of the communication submitted to all stakeholders that are involved in a potential exposure
  4. A site plan indicating the area where the work will be conducted and indicating potential exposure areas

The permit must be authorized by the Design and Construction Project Manager or Property Manager responsible for the work, indicating that this work will be done following the University’s industrial radiography permit approval process. Following authorization by the Project or Property Manager, the permit must be completed and signed by the radiographer (contractor) and submitted to the Radiation Protection Services for approval.


Submit completed IR Permit Application to:

Daniel Cardenas
Health & Safety Officer, Radiation Safety Officer