Safe Use of Radiography Sources

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Subject: Safe Use of Radiography Sources

The Use of Radiation Sources for Construction and Renovation Projects at the University

In order to facilitate construction and renovation work at the University, it is sometimes necessary to use radiography sources of considerable energy. For example, radiography of concrete may be required to identify hidden reinforcing steel bars, plumbing, or conduit within the concrete. This work is commonly performed after normal working hours or on weekends to minimize the possibility of exposure.

This work presents a potential for exposure to radiation.

The radiation generated by these sources is a directed focused beam of considerable energy, capable of penetrating concrete materials, and may be hazardous to individuals if exposed.

Radiography Source Permit System

In order to minimize the possibility of exposure of any staff, students, visitors, or experimental animals, plants, or cell lines, the Radiation Protection Service has a permit system in place for all such work. No radiography work can be performed without an approved permit.

The permit system requires that the radiography source and user are licenced, the potential for exposure has been assessed, that necessary safety measures are in place to minimize any possibility of exposure, and that workers, students, and staff are aware of the testing and the precautions to be taken.

Prior to the radiography study:

  1. the relevant department office and potentially involved staff of the area/building must be notified of the date, location, and time period during which the radiography will be performed
  2. the radiography site must be posted with radiation warning signs
  3. all access points to the radiography site must be blocked by cautionary tape.

Any questions or concerns regarding this matter should be directed to the Radiation Protection Service.

Sandu Sonoc Senior Radiation Safety Officer 416-978-2028
Hector Rocca Health & Safety Officer 416-978-6846

Outside working hours, please contact the UofToronto Police 416-978-2222