Medical Emergency/First Aid

Updated January 31, 2023

  1. Immediately provide first aid / medical aid (doctor, hospital) if necessary. For medical aid, always call 9 (9-1-1) and call Campus Safety, refer to (UTSG/UTSC: 416.978.2222; UTM: 905.828.5200 for Mississauga).
  2. Provide and pay for immediate transportation to a hospital, health professional office/clinic, or the worker’s home (if necessary)
  3. Report the incident to your supervisor/academic contactimmediately . Supervisor / UofT contact will complete the Online Accident/Incident Report E-form within 24
  4. Investigate the incident. For Critical Injuries, follow the same steps above.  In addition, call Campus Safety and Secure scene and do not disturb the scene. Additional reporting requirements apply and will be facilitated by EHS (; 416-9778-4467).