Workplace Inspections Tips for Before and After

To assist JHSCs with workplace inspections, here are some tips for planning and completing an inspection:

Before the workplace inspection:

    • Review which area(s) are due for inspection per the annual inspection schedule located in your respective JHSC’s Workplace Inspection Tracker.
    • Arrange for access through the occupants (i.e., Business Manager), Property Manager, local security, or Campus Safety.
    • Send Notice of Inspection to occupants which can be through the JHSC co-chairs or the building’s property manager.
    • Floorplans can be made available through the occupant, Property Manager or by contacting EHS.
    • EHS created a JHSC Workplace Inspection Checklist which can be used as a guide.
    • Whether you are taking notes physically or digitally, make sure you bring the appropriate tools (e.g. notebook, clipboard, etc.) to conduct the inspection and take notes. A phone is a great device to utilize for taking photos of any potential hazards you find during the inspection.

After the workplace inspection:

    • EHS created a JHSC Workplace Inspection Template which can be used. Ensure the worker inspector signs the bottom left prior to sending a copy to EHS JHSC (
    • EHS will upload the report to the applicable JHSC SharePoint folder and a copy will be shared with applicable JHSC members.
    • Each JHSC has an established process for follow up after the inspection report is submitted. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact your JHSC’s co-chairs for more information.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact EHS JHSC (