JHSC Meeting

Each JHSC is required to meet at least once every three months. EHS offers a template for Agenda and Minutes.

JHSC Monthly Workplace Inspection

Each JHSC should establish an inspection schedule at the beginning of the year and inspect at least part of the physical condition of the workplace each month such that their whole workplace is completed by the end of the year. A checklist and report template for JHSC Workplace Inspection can be found here.

Member Appointment

The union reserves its right to appoint or elect its JHSC worker members in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Requests for new JHSC worker members shall be forwarded to their respective union by the co-chair of the committee or JHSC Manager. Management members are selected by the University.

Please note, JHSCs are comprised of worker and manager members ONLY. Guests may attend meetings as per JHSC specific guest/visitor guidelines but would not be considered members of the JHSC unless selected as a management member by the employer or a worker member selected by the applicable union. The JHSC should not have volunteers on the committee such as non-employees, and/or anyone who is not a worker member or management member of the JHSC.

JHSC Guest/Visitor Guideline

JHSCs are encouraged to follow their specific committee level guest/visitor procedures. The following language may be considered: Non-members interested in addressing the JHSC should contact both JHSC co-chairs with their request at least one week before the next scheduled meeting. The non-member/guest or the JHSC member requesting the attendance of the non-member/guest will discuss the request with both co-chairs. It is anticipated that in most cases both co-chairs will agree to add a guest to the agenda of the next committee meeting. However, after discussing with both co-chairs, a guest may be added to the agenda with the agreement of one co-chair. Co-chairs are expected to discuss the request collaboratively and advise the guest of their decision including what portion(s) of the meeting the guest may attend and to send agenda items/questions in advance of the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding guest requesting to attend a JHSC meeting, please contact the JHSC co-chairs.  

Health and Safety Boards

Each workplace is required to have a health and safety board in a conspicuous place along with the following required postings:

For more information, please see the EHS Website under “JHSC Bulletin Boards – Required Items”. 

JHSC Certification Training

For more information regarding JHSC Part 1, Part 2 and/or Refresher Training, please see our website here.

JHSC Building Coverage

For a list of areas/buildings that each JHSC covers, please click here.


If you have any questions, please contact ehs.jhsc@utoronto.ca.