Read Your Dose Record

How to read your dose records?

Go to:

Look for “Login to my dose record” to the right side of the screen and click on it. A new screen will appear. Go to “New User Registration” and print your e-mail address and the number under the bar code of your TLD and click on “GO”. A new screen will appear, read it and click on “I Accept”.
A new screen will appear with:

Thank You. Your registration has been accepted.
Your generated password will be emailed to you.
You may change your password anytime you wish after login.

Wait few minutes and check your e-mail for your password. Please pay attention that your password is case sensitive.

Go back to the same web address and “Login to my dose record” (right side of the screen), reenter your user ID (that is your e-mail address) at “User Login” and the password given. A new screen will appear with your dose records.

You can change your password if you click on “Change Password” on top left corner of the screen. The new password should be more than five characters letters or number and it is case sensitive.

Enjoy your prompt access to the your dose records.

The dose records prior to January 2006 were mailed to your department. If you need your dose records prior to January 2006 and you can not find them you can contact National Dose Registry.