Guide to Completion of an Irradiator Permit Application

Reviewed: June 2022

When completing the enclosed Irradiator Permit Application, please use this guide when providing the information requested. The application form is provided below and should be completed accurately to facilitate the review of the application for approval. Incomplete application(s) will result in unnecessary delays. The information provided will enable the University of Toronto Radiation Protection Authority (UTRPA) to provide a thorough Radiation Protection program for users of these equipment.

The following information is required in the appropriation section of the application.


In order to hold a UTRPA Permit, the applicant must be one of the following:

  1. Assistant Professor;
  2. Associate Professor;
  3. Full Professor

In addition, two years of relevant experience (industrial or academic) is required and should be detailed as outlined below.

If these conditions cannot be satisfied, then alternate arrangements can be made through the UTRPA. Contact the Radiation Protection Service (Daniel Cardenas) for further information.


  1. Work experience with radioactive material?
    i.e. when and where was work experience gained and the duration of the work?
  2. Formal radiation protection training. Please provide brief details.

Experimental Procedures

Irradiator must not be used in humans under the UTRPA permit.

  1. Nature of work to be performed.
  2. If animals are to be used for in vivo radioisotope work, provide as a minimum.
    1. What type of animals will be used?
    2. The maximum dose which will be used for each animal?
    3. How long is the animal to be kept?

Application Form

Irradiator Permit Application form (PDF)