Radiation Safety Training Requirements

Radiation safety training requirements apply to all persons from the authorized users list including the radiation permit holders.

All radiation training courses (in class and online), are:

  1. valid for 3 years
  2. accompanied by a test with the passing mark 70%.

The Radiation Safety Full training is required to be taken by a person working with open sources who was not previously trained in radiation safety at the University of Toronto. This training consists of two half-day sessions with a test at the end. It covers the basics of ionizing radiation, interaction of radiation with matter, biological effects, instruments used to measure radiation, general procedures used when working with radioisotopes, receiving the radioactive materials, emergency preparedness, and administrative controls used in our university.

The Radiation Safety – 1st Part (EHS707) is offered online. It is required to be taken by a person that has not been previously trained in radiation safety at the University of Toronto and plans to work with open radioactive sources.

EHS707 must be followed by the Radiation Safety – 2nd Part (EHS708) which is offered in-class.  The completion of the 1st Part is a pre-requisite for the 2nd Part. These two courses together , are equivalent to the Radiation Safety Full training.

  1. Notes about EHS708 registration:
    1. Registration for the 2nd part is open only on completion of the 1st part;
    2. EHS708 occurs thrice a year only; however, if this training is required urgently, ahead of the scheduled dates, please contact the Radiation Protection Service at 416-946-3265

The Radiation Refresher (online) course must be taken by every person working with radioactive open sources every 3 years.

The Sealed Sources Safety (online) is required to be taken by persons working with sealed source only.

The Sealed Sources Refresher (online) must be taken by all persons kept on the list of the authorized users of sealed sources every 3 years.

The Radiation Safety – Project Students  (online) is required for people that will work, for a short time and under supervision, at a radioactive lab.

Introduction to Radiation Protection (online) is a course for UofT people that need to work outside the UofT at a nuclear facility for research or inter-disciplinary project. The course is not valid to use radioactive material at the UofT.

All Irradiator Users must have the Sealed Sources Radiation training valid. For specific work training with irradiators and for obtaining access to the irradiator rooms, the users must contact Hector Rocca (hector.rocca@utoronto.ca).