Radiation Protection Authority

Terms of Reference

The University of Toronto Radiation Protection Authority (UTRPA) is charged with the total and overall program of radiation protection at the University of Toronto. The control exercised is complete and all-embracing, the UTRPA having the necessary executive power delegated to it by the Governing Council to enforce and maintain the required standards of radiation protection necessary for a complex teaching and research institution.

This program has, as its foundation, Federal and Provincial regulations issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the Department of National Health & Welfare (Radiation Protection Division), and the Ministries of Health & Labour, Government of Ontario.

The responsibility of the UTRPA includes all sources of ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation (both materials and machines), for whatever use, on all properties owned or controlled by the University of Toronto.

On behalf of the University the UTRPA has the sole responsibility for negotiating with the appropriate authorities and has, within the University, jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to the use, handling, storage, and disposal of radioactive prescribed materials and the installation, development and operating of equipment producing ionizing radiation & non-ionizing radiation, as well as the security of radioactive materials.

The UTRPA reports to the Governing Council through the Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity.

The UTRPA considers, and advises on, the establishment of radiation emergency measures within the University and co-operation and integration with other authorities.

The UTRPA conducts educational programs as required with respect to radiation hazards and promotes a radiation safety culture within the members of the faculty, University staff and students.

The UTRPA has the authority to consult with appropriate persons or institutions and to revise the policies and procedures for the use of radioactive prescribed materials as circumstances warrant.

The radioisotope permit holder will be held responsible at all times for all aspects of radiation safety and security of radioactive materials in areas under his or her supervision.

Radioisotope permit holders must provide adequate training to all personnel handling radioactive prescribed materials under their supervision in the proper use, handling, storage and disposal of these materials.

Radioisotope permit holders must conform to the conditions of the radioisotope permit, the UTRPA Policies and Procedures, and the requirements of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. They also must ensure adequate security of all laboratories under their supervision. Failure to comply could result in the cancellation of their radioisotope permit.

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Rev. November 2007