UTRPA Members

Chairman, University of Toronto Radiation Protection Authority

Professor David R. Hampson
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
TEL: 416.978.4494
EMAIL: d.hampson@utoronto.ca


Professor Maurice Ringuette
Cell and Systems Biology
TEL: 416.978.6955


Professor Christopher McCulloch
Faculty of Dentistry
TEL: 416.978.1258
EMAIL: christopher.mcculloch@utoronto.ca

Professor Angela Lange
UT Mississauga
TEL: 905.828.3972
EMAIL: alange@utm.utoronto.ca

Professor Alexander Yakunin
Department of Chemical Engineering
TEL: 416.978.4013
EMAIL: a.iakounine@utoronto.ca

Professor Craig Smibert
Department of Biochemistry
EMAIL: c.smibert@utoronto.ca

Professor Jane Mitchell
Department of Pharmacology
TEL: 416.978.0841
EMAIL: jane.mitchell@utoronto.ca

Professor Adria Giacca
Department of Physiology
TEL: 416.978.7537
EMAIL: adria.giacca@utoronto.ca

Professor Dana Philpott
Department of Immunology
TEL: 416.978.7527
EMAIL: dana.philpott@utoronto.ca

Professor Herbert Kronzucker
UT Scarborough
TEL: 416.287.7436
EMAIL: herbertk@utsc.utoronto.ca

Professor Grant Brown
Donnelly CCBR
TEL: 416.946.5733
EMAIL: grant.brown@utoronto.ca

Professor Young-June Kim
Department of Physics
TEL: 416.978.7868
EMAIL: yjkim@physics.utoronto.ca

Professor Paul Fraser
Krembil Discovery Tower
TEL: 416-507-6848
EMAIL: paul.fraser@utoronto.ca

Professor Barbara Funnell
Molecular Genetics
TEL: 416-978-1665
EMAIL: b.funnell@utoronto.ca

Mr. Marc Drouin(Ex-Officio Member)
Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
TEL: 416.978.5943
EMAIL: marc.drouin@utoronto.ca

Mr. Rob Provost (Ex-Officio Member)
Manager, Environmental Protection Services
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
TEL: 416.978.7000
EMAIL: rob.provost@utoronto.ca

Dr. Sandu Sonoc (Ex-Officio Member)
Senior Radiation Safety Officer
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
TEL: 416.978.2028
EMAIL: sandu.sonoc@utoronto.ca

Updated: November 2016